About Us

We are a distribution company specializing in the import of American Craft Beers. Why
distribute American craft beers, one would ask? That is because American craft brewers
are making many of the world's best beers.

Market data shows that crafts are now one of the fastest growing beer categories. Growth
of the craft brewing industry in the first half of 2010 was 9% by volume and 12% by retail
dollars. Research from the National Restaurant Association(a survey of more than 1,000
professional chefs from the American Culinary Federation) ranks craft beer and specialty
beers in the top 20 trends.

More significantly, the Brewers Association, based in Colorado and represents over
1,400 American craft brewers, is the organiser of the World Beer Cup, also called the
Olympics of Beer competition since 1996.

Although there are good beers out here in Singapore, you really got to go all the way out to
find them. You go to a good restaurant, they have a great wine list. But when you ask for
beer, well, they give you some XYZ brand mass produced lager. It's disappointing. There
is a complete lack of variety.

Our aim is to ensure that better beers are easily available to all who want it. Good beer
should pair with good food as well. We hope to educate the masses on the diverse world
of beer. There are many beerstyles out there that we can explore and pair with great food.

Our ultimate mission is for beer to grow into a beverage that people will respect,
appreciate and enjoy.
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